Today, the hardware development process acts as a driving force for embracing digital disruption. Usually, the hardware design process steps are complex. With limited experience and knowledge, meeting the target product requirements and reaching the desired outcome takes time.

Board design services

Digital Design includes PCB Layout and prototypes in-house. Mixed Signal Design includes Analysis Services. Small Footprint Design. High Power and Battery-Operated Design.

RF and Wireless Design. 

PCB Layout Services

Library ManagementCB Layout Design Signal & Power IntegrityDFx (Design for Testing/Manufacture/Assembly)Manufacturing Support

Analysis Services

Signal & Power Integrity, 3D PCB simulation, Thermal analysis, Dynamic analysis.

FPGA Design Planning and implementing highly advanced designs & algorithms, Wide versatile engineering domains including Communication & RF, High speed serial communication protocols (integrated FPGA Transceivers), Analog Front-End – A2D/D2A. DDC/DUC, digital filters, Peripheral hardware control.

Hardware Design & Development 

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