LED Chip's & Lighting Solutions

We offer World top LED’s ,the widest spectrum of LED emitters in the industry from UV to IR,

ranging from 200nm to 1650nm.

Sunlike Leds are perfect realization of Sun Spectrum over time.

The High Voltage LED allowing simple use. High efficient & Optimized Optics solutions.

what is SunLike?

Understanding SunLike Natural Spectrum LED Technology 

by reproducing the spectum closest to natural sunlight, SunLike transforms indoor environments with lighting more beneficial to humans.

SunLike lowers exessive blue light wavelengths and reproduces the light spectrum, the light sepcrum at the same level as natural sunlight.

why SunLike?

why do we need sunlight?

the light we feel most comfortable with is natural light.

human centric lighting that mimics natural light has become a global trend.

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