We Deliver cost-effective, scalable, versatile sensing platforms that address perception  & Liddar development needs from ADAS TO AD.

Our sensor fusion and perception solution deliver highly accurate 3D environmental models for autonomous cars, shuttles, and more. The entire software stack supports all SAE autonomy levels by applying AI  and computer vision algorithms to fuse raw data from radar and camera for L2 applications and camera, radar, and LIDAR for L3-L5 applications.


 Beam width options: 19°, 36°, and 48°,   Max. Sensing distance: 165 meters

16 detection segments, Real-time data acquisition, and display (through USB)

RS-485 port for measurement acquisition CAN bus for measurement acquisition

Interfaces available for custom application development: RS-485, CAN bus, DIP switches1

(4), MicroSD card slot1, Expansion connector (UART, CAN, SPI1, GPIO1, DAC1)

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